Getting to no new infections in Marin is possible. Actually, It’s doable everywhere because it is seemingly simple. Universal testing to find everyone who is HIV+ and getting them on treatment is one way. Getting people who are vulnerable to infection on a prevention pill called PrEP is another.

When someone is treated, not only do they stay healthy, but they are highly unlikely to give the virus to anyone else. And taking PrEP is almost 100% effective in preventing infection in the first place. Combining these realities with good, harm reduction strategies such as condoms and syringe exchange will get us there.

But just knowing the roadmap doesn’t always work in the realm of human behavior. After all, we all know smoking leads to illness, but tobacco persists in our society. It takes work and time to change behaviors. Smoking is at all time lows and we have seen declines in HIV cases also.

The Spahr Center is dedicated to working with people to find the treatment and care that they need to stay healthy and not pass the virus forward. We make no cost HIV testing fast and judgement free. We help people navigate to PrEP and get clean injection supplies, life saving Narcan and into drug treatment.

We continue to work with people to reduce harm until they eliminate it from their lives.

The AIDS Walk is our yearly fundraiser and we ask our friends and family members to support us in this work. Ending new infections will take some more time, but it can be accomplished. Thank you for your continued love and support in this challenge.

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