Board of Directors

We are always interested in hearing from people with an interest in serving on the Board of Directors. If you have a passion for our mission and a willingness to work to guide and support The Spahr Center, please get in touch. We’d love to give you more information about the board’s current needs and activities.

The following summary gives you a quick overview of the Board of Directors primary areas of responsibility – governance and support. 


As a group, board members are the stewards of the agency, overseeing its operations affairs and giving feedback to the Executive Director. Together, they are responsible for:


  • Determining the mission, purpose, overall strategies, policies and priorities of the organization;
  • Monitoring the performance and impact of programs and services;
  • Overseeing compliance with laws and regulations and fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  • Assuring the agency has adequate financial resources and maximizing their use;
  • Safeguarding resources from misuse and ensuring appropriate risk management;
  • Selecting, evaluating and developing the Executive Director;
  • Assessing and improving board performance;
  • Approving fundraising strategies and monitoring their effectiveness


As individuals, board members support the agency by volunteering, raising money and advising. They are responsible for –

  • Contributing to the agency’s fundraising success, as appropriate to each individual (making a financial contribution; volunteering at fundraising events; making business contacts; soliciting contributions)
  • Assisting staff in raising funds;
  • Acting as ambassadors to the community on behalf of the agency and its clients/participants
  • Volunteering and assisting in volunteer recruitment
  • Advising staff in areas of expertise and acting as a sounding board for the Executive Director
  • Lending their names and personal credibility to the organization through their membership.


Please let us know if you would like to have more information. Also, we always welcome your questions, suggestions and feedback.