Educator Resources

Technical Assistance:

We can provide training, technical assistance and support to individual staff members at your school. Our services are provided free of charge or by donation to our organization. We have all-staff training as well as specialized sessions for PE teachers and coaches, mental health providers, students, and student leaders. The list is always growing as we create new curriculum. Here is a list of trainings we provide. If you have a particular need, reach out and we can likely create a training to meet your needs. To discuss how we can support your school, reach out to Fel Agrelius, Director of LGBTQ+ Youth Programs.

“Teach Pride, Reach Wide” Educators Toolkit:

The “Teach Pride, Reach Wide” Educators Toolkit was designed by The Spahr Center staff and student leaders to help you build the skills to become stronger allies and advocates in your classrooms for LGBTQ+ students. This toolkit contains advocacy tips, an inclusive classroom checklist, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC centered curriculum list, community norms, gender pronoun information and training, student support plans and resources, pathways to Marin’s only LGBTQ+ supporting non profit, The Spahr Center and other organizational support, and more! This toolkit is informed by the expressed needs of Marin County LGBTQ+ youth.

View a recorded Teach Pride Reach Wide workshop. This workshop spotlights the experience of queer/trans youth in Marin through a youth panel, as well as a discussion on the toolkit contents.

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Workplace Trainings:

These trainings provide guidance on how to create a more welcoming workplace for LGBTQ adults. We review information about queer and trans identities before moving into a discussion regarding allyship in the workplace. We go over common mistakes and microaggressions often present in professional environments, as well as several straightforward changes that can be made in order to make a workplace more supportive for LGBTQ staff.

Panel presentations:

The Spahr Center provides panels to speak at schools about LGBTQ+ issues. You can request a panel presentation of LGBTQ+ or adults to speak on their lived experiences and discuss important topics about queer and trans identites.

LGBTQ+ Curriculum and Book lists:

It is critical for the wellbeing of queer/trans youth to see their identities represented, rather than erased, in academic learning. Therefore, we have created an easy-to-use list of LGBTQ+ curriculums to incorporate into your class plan.

Remember: an LGBTQ+ inclusive classrooms needs to be an anti-racist classroom as well! There are some incredible resources for antiracist curriculums and integrating books with disabled characters. Here are a few:

Characters with disabilities booklist
Charleston Syllabus
Padlet with anti-racist resources
“Kits” to talk about race and racism with kids
Black LGBTQ+ experiences booklist
Here is a guide for responding to concerns about including LGBTQ+ issues in your curriculum.