The Board of Directors of The Spahr Center is now accepting applications to serve on the HIV Client Advisory Committee. To qualify you must be registered as an HIV client of The Spahr Center. A special nominating committee of two board members and two clients will screen and interview applicants. Up to nine members will be appointed to serve on the advisory committee.


  • Provide a formal link between HIV clients and the Board of Directors.
  • Facilitate communication between clients and board members.
  • Review programs and services and report to the board annually.
  • With the board, conduct an annual, open forum to hear client opinions and suggestions regarding programs, services and unmet needs.


The committee will have up to nine members who are HIV clients of The Spahr Center

  • Members will be chosen using an application and interview process by a nominating committee established by the Board of Directors, including two board members and two clients.
  • Members will serve for a maximum of two years and may be reappointed by the Board of Directors with the concurrence of a majority of the Advisory Committee members.

Board Liaison

  • The Board of Directors will appoint no more than two board members to serve as liaisons to the committee. At least one liaison member will attend all committee meetings to facilitate regular and timely communication between the committee and the board.


  • The committee will meet bi-monthly, or as required, by the majority of committee members.


  • The committee will prepare an annual report to the Board of Directors on programs and services.

If you would like to apply please download the application here or call us and we can mail you an application.