LGBTQ Senior Advisory Committee

The Spahr Center is now accepting applications to serve on the LGBTQ Senior Advisory Committee.

Mission Statement

  • We enhance and encourage opportunities for Marin’s LGBTQ seniors to participate in relevant community activities.
  • WeWe advocate for Marin’s LGBTQ seniors and for the
    Spahr Center at appropriate county and city government, business and nonprofit meetings and events.
  • We work directly with the Spahr Center and the Senior Program Coordinator to advise on and support LGBTQ senior programs and activities.

Guidelines for LGBTQ Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) Member Applications

We are forming a strong working group focused on improving the lives of LGBTQ seniors in Marin. Please apply to sit on this committee if you:

  • Actively support SAC’s mission.
  • Want to contribute actively to improving the lives of Marin’s LGBTQ seniors—especially those who may be isolated.
  • Are able to actively contribute to regularly scheduled working SAC meetings and to handle SAC business between meetings as required by projects and deadlines.
  • Have the ability and desire to attend both official and informal meetings as a representative of both The Spahr Center and Marin’s LGBTQ senior community. Examples of meetings would include, but aren’t limited to: City and County Government meetings, meetings with current and potential funders, other providers, etc.
  • A strong desire to work collaboratively and professionally with other members of the SAC, The Spahr Center staff, Board of Directors and volunteers.
  • Experience in achieving positive outcomes when working within the framework of an all-volunteer, shared leadership, diverse, community- based working group of Marin LGBTQ seniors is greatly desired.

If you would like to apply please download the application here or call us at 415-886-8554 and we can mail you an application.  You may submit completed applications and any other questions or concerns to or 150 Nellen Ave, Suite 100, Corte Madera, CA 94925 care of: SAC

Questions and Answers About SAC Membership

Do I have to be a Marin County resident? No, but Spahr Center is focused on quality of life for Marin LGBTQ specifically. While eventually we may partner with organizations in neighboring counties, we will focus specifically on the Marin County community.

How old do I have to be? Age 55 and above is generally the age one becomes “older” and “senior”, but we welcome all ages as long as you wish to focus on solving LGBTQ senior problems.

How much time is involved? We meet monthly for 2 hours in Marin in private homes and at The Spahr Center. We also conduct SAC-related business in between meetings by email, phone and Skype or over coffee. Time requirements depend on what hands-on projects and external meetings we have going at any given time. It is very important that all members have the time and willingness to do the work of the SAC, especially since we are in the early start-up phase of creating an efficient working group.

Are the meetings accessible? Accommodations will be made so that people of all abilities can attend.

Are the meetings open to the public? They are not. Meetings can be attended by SAC members, Spahr Center staff and Board of Directors, and key Spahr Center volunteers. This rule allows SAC to be a working group, with agendas, reports and discussions rather than a town hall style meeting taking input from the floor. We welcome community input outside of our monthly meetings, and you should feel free to meet with any of us.

Do I have to be LGBTQ to be on the SAC? SAC focuses on the needs of LGBTQ seniors in Marin County. We welcome everyone who is strongly supportive of LGBTQ senior rights.

What will SAC membership do for me? Newest medical guidelines suggest that the more mentally and socially active seniors are, the more they reduce their chances for depression, substance abuse, and even early death! SAC membership will provide you with the great feeling of working with other seniors to improve Marin’s LGBTQ senior community. You will feel active, engaged and full of ideas. You will create more professional and social relationships in your life and feel like you are a part of something greater than yourself. You will learn new skills as you encounter ideas different than your own and as other members share their professional expertise with one another. Just ask any current SAC member for more information. Current SAC members are Julie Beach, Cara Bennett, Will Boemer, Cynthia Cobaugh, Jerry Schmitz.

I’ve submitted my application, now what? In a timely manner, two members of the current SAC will contact you to discuss your application with you and answer all your questions.