Medical Case Management

In order to seek case management services at The Spahr Center, an individual may walk in or call the office at (415) 457-2487 and speak with a Case Manager and get the process started. At the time of initial contact, the following documents are required to qualify for free services:

· Proof of HIV status
· Proof of income
· Proof of residency
· Photo identification

Note: Anyone who receives their medical care at the County of Marin’s HHS Clinic is required to get case management through the clinic.

Case Management begins with a brief screening interview to assess a client’s needs for services. The case manager will then give the client an overview of the case management program, requirements, and available services. An intake will then be done and an Care Plan will be developed together with the client. This helps to guide how to address the client’s needs and accomplish their goals. Clients will be linked with and referred to the appropriate services both here and in other settings.

The case manager maintains regular contact with each client to work together on goals. They will re-assess the Care Plan, note progress, make modifications and determine what additional services are needed. The Spahr Center’s primary goal is to assure that all clients are appropriately linked with medical medical care and maintaining their medication regimens.

We work together with clients to help them remove any barriers that prevent getting into medical care or that prevent accessing care. Once enrolled in case management services, all clients are required to verify their eligibility every 6 months, to continue with services.

If you are HIV+ (or you know someone who is HIV +) and need support, guidance and assistance, please call us. The Spahr Center has a caring team ready to assist you. Our goal is to be a partner with you in your healthcare treatment, to help you to live successfully with this disease and to help you to improve your quality of life.