There are just two days left to submit public comments expressing opposition to a dangerous Trump Administration proposed change to Medicare Part D.

This proposed change would endanger the health of more than 250,000 people living with HIV on Medicare because it could:

  • Delay treatment initiation for newly diagnosed or enrolled individuals
  • Put decisions about HIV treatment in the hands of insurance companies — not you and your doctor
  • Force people living with HIV off their current medications
  • Require newly diagnosed people to use therapies that may not be right for them
  • Reignite the HIV epidemic in the United States

The Trump Administration’s proposed rule change to Medicare Part D hands insurance companies tremendous power to make decisions on treatment options — decisions that should be made by doctors and their patients. We know what happens when insurers have this kind of power – people lose access to the medicines they need. And people die.  After decades of hard work, together, we have made progress to reduce the number of new HIV transmissions and to pull back the widespread reach that the epidemic once had. We put an end to step therapy and prior authorization and made sure that the only people making decisions about treatment options are you and your doctor. Read the article on AIDS United here and learn what you can do to take action.