Almost everyone knows brilliant powerhouse Nancy Flaxman, who has accomplished transformational work in support of LGBT seniors at The Spahr Center and Spectrum before it. Nancy is currently best known for her strong facilitation of our Novato -based Senior Discussion group, which has helped dozens of seniors find a loving community and support with pressing issues.

In January, Nancy deservedly retired – mostly.  Our deepest admiration and appreciation go out to her.  Her note to the community about this transition follows.

In 2019 I took on a larger senior program staff role at The Spahr Center to support the direction that Board President Whitney Hoyt and Executive Director Dana Van Gorder are taking. The work that Dana, the Board, staff, volunteers, and participants are doing is strengthening the present and future potential of Spahr to serve our LGBT and HIV communities. They deserve all of our support.

This year I will go back to my original role of facilitating the Margaret Todd Senior Center LGBT discussion group. I will also be consulting with Dana on cultural competency. Marin County’s many senior agencies still have a long way to go in ensuring staff LGBT cultural competency, outreach, and instituting best practices.

It has been my privilege to work with and on behalf of LGBT seniors for over 30 years. So many of you have shared your lives and your stories with me and each other. When we share our stories, we honor the lives we have lived with often no support from the institutions of society that should be there for all of us. We also honor those who came before us and those who will come after us.

I am committed to continuing that work with the LGBT senior discussion group at Margaret Todd Senior Center. Please join us and find the community and support we all deserve. Wishing you all a kind, safe, and healthy new year, Nancy