Youth Programs & Services – Q’d In!

Q’d In Youth Programs has three main pillars: support, empowerment, and advocacy. We provide LGBTQ+ young people a safe and inclusive space to get support from their peers and from LGBTQ+ mental health providers. Q’d In believes queer and trans young people have the brilliance and wisdom to transform the world, so we take leadership from youth and provide opportunities for youth to build leadership skills. We also advocate for the needs of LGBTQ+ youth in Marin County — if you ever need someone to have your back, whether it’s at your school, doctors’ office, with your parents, or anywhere else, you can call on us!

Q’d In Youth Programs

Are you a queer or trans youth person looking to build community or get support? We offer free and sliding scale therapy, support groups online and in person, and lots of social programs where you can meet new friends and build community. We also have a leadership development program for middle school students, and a high school advocacy program.


Mental Health and Wellness Support

We provide sliding scale and free therapy for LGBTQ+ young people up to age 25. Our therapists are LGBTQ+ adults who are committed to supporting their community and love working with youth and young adults. We can provide ongoing support, as well as documentation for trans people wanting gender-affirming medical procedures.


Community and Social Opportunities

We believe in the power of queer and trans community.  We host fun, social and educational events! All events are happening virtually!


Youth Advocacy Coalition

The Spahr Center’s Youth Advocacy Coalition (YAC) is a group of queer and trans teens and young adults who work for equitable schools for LGBTQ+ students in Marin. We are always accepting new members!


Educator Resources

We provide equity trainings for schools looking to educate staff members about LGBTQ+ issues and supporting LGBTQ+ students. We also help with curriculum development, school policies, and more! If your school wants to ensure you’re following the best practices for LGBTQ+ safety, reach out!