Youth Community and Social Opportunities

Are you a queer or trans youth person looking to build community or get support? We offer free and sliding scale therapy, support groups online and in person, and lots of social programs where you can meet new friends and build community. We also have a leadership development program for middle school students, and a high school advocacy program. We hold different social events depending on the interests of people in our youth program. Movie nights, workshops, and talks and panels are all in the works! To stay up to date on what’s happening, follow the Q’d In Instagram page at @spahrlgbtqyouth. We also have a Discord server, and text regular updates about our programs. To help ensure the discord and text lists are specifically for LGBTQ+ young people in Marin, we do not post the login information publicly. Rather, you can simply email Fel at or message us on Instagram to get connected!

In the past, we have held homecoming and winter formal dances for queer and trans teens, clothing swaps, bowling nights, and more! We are excited to resume these in-person events once that is possible.