Today, the Federal Department of Health and Human Services announced that healthcare providers can cite their religious beliefs and moral convictions as a reason to refuse services to certain patients. This shocking decision means that doctors can deny care to LGBTQ people, people living with and affected by HIV, refuse gender affirming treatments for transgender people and withhold birth control and family planning services.

The Trump rule is a blatant attack on LGBTQ people, people with HIV/AIDS, and women. It was not created to protect religious freedoms—but rather to justify blatant discrimination.  It is promulgated by a pro-life president who hypocritically suggests that some lives are less than worthy. It is clear that the denial of medical treatment for people, many of whom already receive inadequate health care, can have deadly impacts and is completely unacceptable.

The Spahr Center will continue to participate in the fight for comprehensive, affirming care for all people in Marin County. We invite you to join us in this work.

We are currently taking the following actions:

  • Assembling a task force to ensure that medical providers in Marin County continue to be committed to providing equitable medical care to LGBTQ people, people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, and women;
  • Offering trainings and consulting to medical providers wishing to reinforce their knowledge about LGBTQ-affirming medical care;
  • Creating a list of affirming medical providers and providers who identify as LGBTQ;
  • Developing a comprehensive guide for transgender people seeking medical treatment and legal affirmation of their identity, as well as offering support while navigating the process.

Here is how you can take action in solidarity with us:

  • Join our task force. Contact Fel Agrelius for more information:;
  • Tell us if a medical provider denies you care;
  • If you have a doctor who specializes in treating LGBTQ clients or people with HIV/AIDS, or identifies as LGBTQ, let us know! We want to share this information with our community.

Every person has a right to medical care, and a right to agency over their own body. The federal government is trying to take away these basic rights under the thin veil of religious freedom. The Trump rule gives medical providers the power to determine what they think is best for us, and refuse to support the decisions we make about our own health and medical needs.

We will not allow individual prejudices to prevent people from accessing medical care in Marin County. The Spahr Center stands against this rule, and against the homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and bigotry it justifies.

Let us unite as a community against hate!