The Santa Fe Dreamers Project (SFDP) & collaborating organizations are seeking parole sponsors for detained, transgender womxn seeking asylum in the U.S. Conditions in Cibola County Detention Center are in abuse of the human rights of asylum seekers & SFDP is petitioning for the release of transgender detainees to sponsors, so they can fight their asylum cases
outside of detention.

What is Parole?

Qualifying immigrants can submit a request to be “paroled,” or released, from detention to a parole sponsor. If they are not paroled out, they will have to go through their immigration proceedings while in an immigrant detention center. This could mean indefinite time spent in a prison setting.

What does a Parole Sponsor Provide?

  • Financial support to the paroled asylum seeker
  • A space in their home for them to reside in
  • Community support

Who Can Be a Sponsor?

  • Individuals, partners or a family with: Provable stream of income
  • Lawful permanent residence or U.S. citizenship
  • No criminal and/or arrest record
  • A safe, stable home
  • LGBTQ+ friendly w/understanding of transgender identities
  • Familiarity with trauma-informed care
  • Commitment to supporting the compa for the duration of their asylum case (6 mos – year generally)

Why Sponsors in the Bay Area?

  • San Francisco has the most favorable Immigration Court in the country
  • The high volume of resources and services available to trans-identifying individuals

QUESTIONS? Please contact Transgender Detention Release Specialist, Elaina Vermeulen, at for more information.