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The Spahr Center is Marin’s non-profit community agency devoted to serving, supporting and empowering our LGBTQ community and everyone in the county living with and affected by HIV. Please explore our site to learn about our programs and services, who we serve and how you can become involved. Thanks for visiting; we hope to meet you!

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LGBTQ Programs and Services

We have LGBTQ programs and services for youth, adults, seniors and families including social and support groups and activities, counseling, classroom education, cultural competency training and much more. Click below or call us with your questions.

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HIV Services and Support

We are Marin’s only HIV/AIDS community provider. If you’re living in the county with HIV, we can help you with services including medical and housing case management, benefits advocacy, counseling, psychiatric evaluation, emergency financial assistance, linkage with other services, support groups and a pantry. We speak English and Spanish.

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HIV Prevention and Testing

We offer free HIV and Hepatitis C Testing; PrEP information; and prevention counseling. We also have the county’s only syringe exchange program including harm reduction counseling and we have NARCAN.

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Education and Information & Referral

The Spahr Center is happy to provide classroom HIV and LGBTQ education. We also have speakers available for community organizations and businesses and we provide cultural competency training. Call us any time for HIV and LGBTQ information and referral. We’re here to help!

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Discover more programs and services we offer.  Here are a few…

LGBTQ Youth Drop-In Groups

Groups meet at The Spahr Center twice a month and soon we’re adding new groups in Novato and Mill Valley.

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LGBT Senior Discussion Group

The Spahr Center now has two LGBT senior drop-in groups that meet monthly; one in Northern Marin and the other in Southern Marin.

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Mental Health Counseling

Our therapists are available to help young people, adults, seniors, couples and families. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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HIV Case Management

We provide medical and housing case management services for those that qualify.

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HIV Benefits Advocacy

We provide assistance with your health insurance / premium issues, social security and other public benefit programs.

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Syringe Access

We offer clean supplies, harm reduction counseling, NARCAN and a safe disposal site every week day.

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HIV/Hep C Testing

We have two weekly test clinics and prevention counseling is available every day.

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Prevent HIV infection in high risk individuals with PrEP.  Contact us for more information.

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Information & Referral

Contact us any time with questions or help finding a needed resource.

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Who We Serve


We’re here to support and empower LGBTQ youth with outreach, drop-in groups, counseling, and information and referral. Have a question? Want to volunteer? Need some support? Call us!!


We work with men, women, transgender and other adults; all are welcome, safe and supported at The Spahr Center.


Seniors are a big part of The Spahr Center. Our LGBT senior community is large and active and we also work with lots of seniors who are long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS. We welcome one and all!


Families of all kinds are part of The Spahr Center community. We offer support, counseling, education and consultation for parents and families of all ages.

Why We Matter

“When I needed information and support, The Spahr Center was welcoming, accepting and very helpful. The staff cared about me and my questions, gave me lots of good information and connected me with services I needed. The Spahr Center was a huge help to me and my family; I’m so glad we have them here in Marin.”

from a community member

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