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The Spahr Center is Marin County’s only non-profit community agency devoted to serving, supporting and empowering the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and everyone in the county living with and affected by HIV. Guided by our mission, our Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, supporters and donors work together to achieve our vision of Marin as a healthy, inclusive community where every person lives with freedom and equality.


Who We Serve


We’re here to support and empower LGBTQ youth with outreach, drop-in groups, counseling, and information and referral. Have a question? Want to volunteer? Need some support? Call us!!


We work with men, women, transgender and other adults; all are welcome, safe and supported at The Spahr Center.


Seniors are a big part of The Spahr Center. Our LGBT senior community is large and active and we also work with lots of seniors who are long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS. We welcome one and all!


Families of all kinds are part of The Spahr Center community. We offer support, counseling, education and consultation for parents and families of all ages.

Check out a few of our programs and services!

LGBTQ Youth Drop-In Groups

We now have drop on groups in Novato, Mill Valley and San Rafael!! Food is provided!

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HIV/Hep C Testing

We have two weekly test clinics and prevention counseling is available every day.

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Mental Health Counseling

Our therapists are available to help young people, adults, seniors, couples and families. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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Syringe Access

People who inject drugs can access sterile equipment and can safely dispose of used needles through our Syringe Access Program (aka “needle exchange”).  Our Syringe Access Program is now mobile!! 

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Information, Education & Training

Contact us any time with questions or help finding a needed resource.  The Spahr Center is happy to provide education on LGBTQ issues as well as gender identity issues.

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LGBT Senior Discussion Groups

The Spahr Center has two LGBT senior discussion groups that meet monthly; one in Northern Marin and the other in Southern Marin.

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Why We Matter


“We all want to fit in. And belong somewhere. As the parent of a gender fabulous teenager, I went in search of other parents who had insight, wisdom, and firsthand knowledge of my situation. At the end of the rainbow, I found my tribe: the parent support group at The Spahr Center. Spahr is a sacred place that offers unconditional support, insightful wisdom, shared laughter and life-saving information…”

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