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The Spahr Center is Marin County’s only non-profit community agency devoted to serving, supporting and empowering the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and everyone in the county living with and affected by HIV. Guided by our mission, our Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, supporters and donors work together to achieve our vision of Marin as a healthy, inclusive community where every person lives with freedom and equality.

Raising the Bar on the Future:
The Spahr Center Releases
Its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

The Spahr Center is proud and excited to release The Spahr Center’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan: Raising the bar for the future. This plan fulfills a solemn obligation to our clients and supporters — to use our resources to pursue the most essential and impactful work possible to meet our vision: An LGBTQ+ and HIV community that is connected, empowered and thriving within a supportive Marin County.

150 community members shared their needs and aspirations with us in order to shape this Plan. They love Marin’s beauty and think it is a friendly place for many residents. However, many LGBTQ+ and HIV-positive people do not feel entirely safe to come out here, completely welcomed, sufficiently included in the county’s social fabric, or adequately helped by key institutions they count on for support. Our clients and community members long for a sense of place, a deeper experience of belonging, and for greater evidence that the people and institutions of Marin value and care about them.

Please email us at info@thespahrcenter.org if you have questions about our plan, or want to help to carry it out!